Michaela Sonnleitner

Study & Career

2016– Project member of "ABOL - The Austrian Barcode of Life"

2012–2015 Project member of "Global Plants Initiative" at the Museum of Natural History, Vienna, focusing on digitizing of type specimens in Herbarium WU 

2010– Teaching field courses at the University of Vienna

2008–2017 PhD thesis within the FWF project "Origin and maintenance of intrapopulational cytotype mixture in an alpine plant species (Senecio carniolicus, Asteraceae)", supervised by Peter Schönswetter and Karl Hülber

2008 Diploma thesis "Einfluss mikroklimatischer Faktoren auf das Vorkommen epiphyller Moose im Unterwuchs des Esquinas Regenwaldes, Costa Rica" (supervised by Harald Zechmeister), abstract available here

2001–2008 Study of biology at the University of Vienna, Austria

Citation Reports


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Hülber, K, Sonnleitner, M, Flatscher, R, Berger, A, Dobrovsky, R, Niessner, S, Nigl, T, Schneeweiss, G, Kubesova, M, Rauchova, J, Suda, J & Schönswetter, P 2009, 'Ecological segregation drives fine-scale cytotype distribution of Senecio carniolicus in the Eastern Alps', Preslia, vol. 81, no. 3, pp. 309-319. <www.ibot.cas.cz/preslia/P093Huelber.pdf>

Showing entries 1 - 14 out of 14