Katharina Bardy

PhD student, graduated 2010 
Thesis: Disentangling the evolutionary history of Veronica (Plantaginaceae) in southeastern Europe    Full Text⇗ 

Christopher J. Dixon

PhD student, graduated 2007
Thesis: Phylogeography and taxonomy of Androsace sect. Aretia (Primulaceae)

Thorsten Englisch

University staff (project employee) 2004–2006
Research interests: Population ecology and functional traits of vascular plants – Vegetation processes, monitoring and management of dry grasslands – Biodiversity assessment and modelling species diversity of the Alps and Carpathians – Alpine biogeography and phylogeography – Vegetation ecology and synsystematics of high mountain plant communities

Pedro Escobar García

Post doc 2008–2011
Research interests: Origin and maintenance of cytotype mixture in the Alpine Senecio carniolicus aggregate — Evolution and biogeography of Mediterranean Malvaceae — Biogeography of the Western Mediterranean — Plant diversity and floristics of Extremadura Region, Spain

Gunter Fischer

PhD student, graduated 2007 
Thesis: Evolution of the orchid genus Bulbophyllum in Madagascar 

Ruth Flatscher

MSc student, graduated 2010
Thesis: Morphological differentiation of sympatric di-, tetra- and hexaploid cytotypes of Senecio carniolicus s. l. (syn. Jacobaea carniolica, Asteraceae)    Abstract⇗

PhD student, passed away 2014 (obituary)

Michaela Frosch

MSc student, graduated 2017
Thesis: Temporal fluctuation in genetic diversity of feral oilseed-rape (Brassica napus) in Austria

Walter Gutermann

University staff (retired)

E-mail: walter.gutermann (at) univie.ac.at

Phone: +43 1 4277 54061

Curriculum vitae

Reinhold Jannach

Diploma student, graduated 2014 
Thesis: Die Farn- und Blütenpflanzen der Gailitzschlucht bei Tarvis (Italien) und der Garnitzenklamm bei Hermagor (Österreich)    Full Text⇗ 

Katharina Kneissl

MSc student, graduated 2015 
Thesis: Genetic diversity of feral oilseed rape (Brassica napus) in Austria.    Abstract⇗ 

Erich Kucs

MSc student, graduated 2015 
Thesis: Phylogeny and taxonomy of Draba pacheri    Full Text⇗ 

Xi Li

PhD student, graduated 2017
Thesis: Phylogeny and evolution of Orobanchaceae

Katharina Müllern

Diploma student, graduated 2008 
Thesis: Revitalisierung eines Schulgartens : wissenschaftliche Grundlage und didaktische Konzepte für einen Nutzpflanzengarten 

Harald Niklfeld

University staff (retired)

E-mail: harald.niklfeld (at) univie.ac.at

Phone: +43 1 4277 54060

Curriculum vitae

Manuel Scheibelberger

Diploma student, graduated 2017
Thesis: Trittpflanzen entlang von Verkehrswegen im Großraum Wien. - Ein floristischer Vergleich entlang eines West-Ost-Transekts sowie didaktische Überlegungen zur Verwendung von Trittpflanzen im Schulunterricht.

Peter Schönswetter

University Assistant (2001–2009)
Since 2010 University Professor at the University of Innsbruck, where he is Head of the Unit of Plant Evolution and Diversity. More information may be found here⇗ 

Stefanie Skof

MSc student, graduated in Ecology 2013 and in Botany 2016
Theses: Vegetationsökologische Untersuchungen an den Gewässerrändern der Oberen Lobau   Full Text⇗
Tertiary relic with SW Asian affinity? The phylogenetic position of the enigmatic Doronicum cataractarum (Asteraceae)   Abstract⇗ 

Boštjan Surina

Post doc 2006–2007
Research interests: Flora and vegetation of the southeastern Alps and the Dinaric Mountains – Phylogeny, taxonomy, phylogeography and evolution of the Balkan flora 

Birgit Weis

MSc student, graduated 2010
Thesis: Postzygotic isolation in the polyploid complex of a high mountain plant (Senecio carniolicus, Asteraceae)   Full Text⇗

Susann Wicke

PhD student, graduated 2012
Thesis: Assessing the evolutionary patterns of plastid genome reduction in a group of non-photosynthetic parasitic Angiosperms (Orobanchaceae)   Full Text⇗

Katrin L. Wilfing

MSc student, graduated 2013
Thesis: Is taxon diversity in prominent refugial areas overestimated?   Full Text⇗

Manuela Winkler

Post doc 2005–2011, university assistant 2012
Research interests: Phylogeography of (Arctic-)alpine plants – Origin and maintenance of co-occurrence of taxa of different ploidy level in the Senecio carniolicus aggregate – Population dynamics of epiphytes – Colonization of secondary habitats by epiphytes – Global change