Our research encompasses a broad range of biogeographical subjects ranging from plant distributions and their geographical relationships with the environment to processes determining generation and spatial assembly of plant diversity. This includes aspects of evolution, ecology, and systematics as well as human-environment relations. Sound knowledge of basic principles of plant diversity on multiple levels, conceptual and methodological rigor in its study as well as a deep interest in plants motivate our teaching from the undergraduate to the postgraduate level. 

News & Recent Publications

Checklist of the Austrian flora version 1.0 (4. Feb. 2019) available for download

Endemic diversity and distribution of the Iranian vascular flora across phytogeographical regions, biodiversity hotspots and areas of endemism. Scientific Reports 9: 12991

The botanical legacy of Mihael Dimonie (1870–1935), an almost forgotten plant collector in the southern Balkan Peninsula before the First World War. Willdenowia 49: 257–279

Hotspots of vascular plant endemism in a global biodiversity hotspot in Southwest Asia suffer from significant conservation gaps. Biological Conservation 237: 299–307

Phylogenetic relationships in Orobanchaceae inferred from low-copy nuclear genes: consolidation of major clades and identification of a novel position of the non-photosynthetic Orobanche clade sister to all other parasitic Orobanchaceae. Frontiers in Plant Science 10: 902

Is the incidence of survival in interior Pleistocene refugia (nunataks) underestimated? Phylogeography of the high mountain plant Androsace alpina (Primulaceae) in the European Alps revisited. Ecology and Evolution 9: 4078–4086

Ancestral remnants or peripheral segregates? Phylogenetic relationships of two narrowly endemic Euphrasia species (Orobanchaceae) from the eastern European Alps. AoB Plants 11(2): plz007

Patterns of endemism in Turkey, the meeting point of three global biodiversity hotspots, based on three diverse families of vascular plants. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 7: 159

A new find of Arabidopsis neglecta (Brassicaceae) in the Svydovets Massif (Ukrainian Carpathians). Ukrainian Botanical Journal 76: 60–66

Phylogeny and biogeography of the narrowly endemic Doronicum cataractarum (Asteraceae) from the eastern European Alps: Pleistocene origin from Alpine ancestors rather than Tertiary relic with southwest Asian affinity. Plant Systematics and Evolution 305: 139–149

Notulae nomenclaturales 46–59. Neilreichia 10: 135–154

Verbreitung und Ökologie von Cyperus michelianus (Cyperaceae) im pannonischen Österreich, neu für das Burgenland. Neilreichia 10: 155–169